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Feed Us Weird Things: Artists On Their Favourite Squarepusher Music
Patrick Clarke , June 17th, 2021 10:10

To mark the new reissue of Squarepusher's debut album 'Feed Me Weird Things', the likes of Loraine James, John Frusciante and Danalogue pick their favourite albums and tracks by the game-changing producer


Scalping on Deftones’ ‘Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix)’ (2020)

Deftones are probably collectively our favourite band and when it was announced that Squarepusher was doing this remix for the White Pony anniversary it felt like a real coming together of the worlds we try to combine with Scalping. I really love how Squarepusher’s contributions start off as subtle and gradually evolve into completely eating up and disintegrating the track.

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard Squarepusher, I feel like I’ve just always been aware of him and his music, it’s such a massive name in electronic music it’s ever present. One early moment that does stand out is the first time I watched Lost In Translation. There’s an amazing moment where Scarlett Johansson’s character sits and stares out of the hotel window across the Tokyo skyline and ‘Tommib’ from Go Plastic plays. It feels incredibly profound and suits the loneliness of the scene perfectly. Up until then, all of the music I’d heard from Squarepusher was high tempo, futuristic and glitchy, and hearing this other side of him definitely inspired me to dig deeper.

The real standout moment was seeing him bring Shobaleader One to Bristol for Simple Things Festival in 2016. Simple Things is always one of the best days of the year in Bristol, it’s been massively responsible for inspiring the music that we make with Scalping and it’s fair to say this set was no exception. Shobaleader One played to an absolutely packed room at The Firestation in Bristol directly after a chaotic set from Powell and it was stunning. We got to play that same venue a few months later and the Shobaleader One set was definitely going through my mind as we were setting up.

Scalping tour the UK from September 2nd, which from October 23rd to 29th supporting Squarepusher from October 23 to 29. Tickets here. Photo by Jamie Harding & Matthew Sterling of ‘we are jam’