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By The Numbers: Loraine James' Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , June 9th, 2021 08:31

Loraine James tells Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite albums, digging into math rock and Mid west emo, as well as slept-on electronica


Circa Survive – On Letting Go
I got into this band in teenage times when I was exploring subgenres like post-hardcore. Anthony Green does solo stuff, acoustic, but Circa Survive I got into through a band called Saosin, and I got into that band through playing a video game called Burnout Paradise. So I heard that, and got into that through being nosy.

Circa Survive were also important when I was feeling pretty low as well, I would listen to a lot of their stuff and I even got a couple of Circa tattoos as well.

[James lifts her arms to the screen and shows me her tattoos]

I'm like a massive fan of Anthony Greene's voice. I'm not really much of a singer but definitely was trying to sing a lot of their stuff when I was younger, after school, when I was on my own in the house, freezing whenever I thought I heard someone,