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By The Numbers: Loraine James' Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , June 9th, 2021 08:31

Loraine James tells Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite albums, digging into math rock and Mid west emo, as well as slept-on electronica


Dntel – Aimlessness
This was the first electronic album I listened to. When I was 15 or so I was listening to a lot of rock music, indie stuff and the rest, like Death Cab For Cutie. But I must have been bored, looking on Wikipedia and finding associated acts. It came up with The Postal Service – but I never really got into that – Dntel was the project I fell in love with.

Do you remember what it was like hearing that for the first time, what you were doing or where you were?

I was probably at home, after school. This was a nice introduction to electronic music, it is quite a soft album – it's not hard or harsh or anything.

Do you think that this is like something that changed your direction in terms of music making or listening?

At that point I wasn't even making music. I still didn't really know Ableton or Logic or anything like that, because this was in the transition between me finishing secondary school and then going to college.