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By The Numbers: Loraine James' Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , June 9th, 2021 08:31

Loraine James tells Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite albums, digging into math rock and Mid west emo, as well as slept-on electronica


Haisuinonasa – Animal Body
When I was at college I would put on a Haisunonasa track to throw people off. A local college show was coming up and there was a drummer, drumming to every single song, so I put on a Haisunonasa track and it was in 4/4, then it completely changed and he got so confused. Haisuinonasa are one of my favourite bands, a Japanese math rock band, they have a pianist and electronic elements and for me they are the perfect bridge between math rock and electronic music – it's so complex and it still boggles my mind, I just love it and especially hearing the piano, because I play the piano. It definitely inspired me in my music, especially earlier on.

In what ways did it inspire you?

Just hearing the piano and the guitar intertwined; the piano and the drums intertwine and there's a few like Japanese like math rock bands had the piano, but in Haisuinonasa she played like she was playing a guitar riff. I've been trying to replicate a guitar sounds, so to hear it done really well was amazing.