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Baker's Dozen

Wonder & Waveform: Hannah Peel's Favourite Albums
Will Burns , March 10th, 2021 10:04

Hannah Peel speaks to poet, writer and sometime collaborator Will Burns about the 13 albums that influenced her, from Kraftwerk to Jill Scott, Radiohead, Cluster and Steve Reich. Photo by Peter Marley.


Radiohead – Amnesiac
I chose this one, but I could have chosen five or six Radiohead albums… this one stuck with me because of ‘Pyramid Song’. I just adore what they do - the sounds they make, the world they create, they’re so unafraid as well. They’ll take risks all the time with production techniques, solo projects - even the idea of how to be a band.

They seem to tie up a bit of what you were saying about the elements of electronic and more organic music-making…

Yeah, they do, they marry it all up seamlessly and I just think they have an unbelievable energy and power that just transmits feeling to the listener in new ways. And they’re all such geniuses too, each in their own way, in their own right. Totally inspiring, genre-resistant, always exciting – people to look up to and admire.