Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

9. The Blue NileA Walk Across The Rooftops

Yeah, with this album, there’s a song called ‘Easter Parade’, and it’s the lyrics really of that sing that get to me. The details. It’s like a photograph and it’s just the most beautiful song, it captures the nature of memory, time… I love the production too, everything is so sparse but so well thought out and gorgeous. So this is about craft, I suppose. The quality of the musicianship, the quality of the recordings, the arrangements, the quality of his voice. And there’s something humble to it too, some melancholy quality to the lyrics.

Lyrics haven’t come up much so far…

I guess one of the things that’s come out of my own work the last few years is that I struggle to capture my feelings adequately in words. It feels sometimes like there’s too many of them, the scope is to vast and I have to go back to music and express myself there, which maybe, as I said before, allows for the listener’s emotional response too.

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