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Baker's Dozen

Wonder & Waveform: Hannah Peel's Favourite Albums
Will Burns , March 10th, 2021 10:04

Hannah Peel speaks to poet, writer and sometime collaborator Will Burns about the 13 albums that influenced her, from Kraftwerk to Jill Scott, Radiohead, Cluster and Steve Reich. Photo by Peter Marley.


Jill Scott – Experience 826+
This comes from the same period, twenty years ago now, when my tastes where falling into place, I suppose, and I just loved her sense of melody and that power as a woman. And it’s this album in particular, which is a live show - I actually never listened to her recordings, only this live show. I guess it was somebody on my course that was singing something off it and got me hooked.

It’s quite a different piece of music than what we’ve discussed so far…

Yeah! But to me it relates to the next choice too, and ideas of singing and especially of melody…