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Baker's Dozen

Wonder & Waveform: Hannah Peel's Favourite Albums
Will Burns , March 10th, 2021 10:04

Hannah Peel speaks to poet, writer and sometime collaborator Will Burns about the 13 albums that influenced her, from Kraftwerk to Jill Scott, Radiohead, Cluster and Steve Reich. Photo by Peter Marley.


Steve Reich – Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint
I first got hold of this in University from the library on CD and I must have kept it and just kept on renewing it for months and months… the first time I’d come across minimalism but also the use of tape loops, the delaying of time, the way he communicates history through these tracks. Amazing. When it was Liverpool Capital of Culture in 2008 I ran an AV music festival and part of it was at the Bluecoat Arts Centre where I had a string quartet called the Smith Quartet perform Different Trains. I’d commissioned a local artist to make footage to accompany their performance and it was so amazing to hear it done live with the tapes and then the visuals being created at the same time. Incredible.