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Baker's Dozen

Musical Conversations: Mary Lattimore's Favourite Albums
Kareem Ghezawi , November 11th, 2020 09:43

In this week's Baker's Dozen Mary Lattimore speaks to Kareem Ghezawi about the albums that have shaped her life, and how musical friendships sustain her work


Growing – The Color Wheel
They are one of my favourite bands. The two guys Joe and Kevin make this very kaleidoscopic, heavy and beautiful guitar drone music that I love. I first heard them when I was living in Philly in 2005. They were opening up for a band that I liked and I was just really transfixed and transported by their music, I could just swim around in it in a way I never really experienced before. I would say this is my favourite of their records but I love most of the stuff they've made. Recently Joe and I have become friends and started playing music together, I'm actually working on a record with them now. Joe and I went to Russia last year and we played together and that was satisfying for me because I've been such a fan for a long time, you can hear it on my Bandcamp. I never heard of the idea of synaesthesia before I heard this record, when I listen to it now, I think about colours and sounds and how you can kind of create this palette of colours and textures just by playing instrumental songs. It's a different way of listening.