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Baker's Dozen

Impossible Syllables: Lucrecia Dalt’s Favourite Albums
Matthew Neale , September 2nd, 2020 08:21

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Lucrecia Dalt speaks to Matthew Neale about her love of jazz, crafting an alter-ego for her new record, and the delimiting forces of language


Alessandro Alessandroni – Romance And Drama
I think this is probably the record I’ve listened to most in my life. I discovered it about twelve-years-ago, at a time when I was fascinated by the idea of composing music for a movie that you still don’t know anything about. To create these kind of generic emotions is wonderful – he’s creating something for this subject, romance and drama, and it really captures those feelings. What I think is most interesting for me is how he mixes synth arpeggios with guitar or string instruments. It really made me think about this sense of liminality, the possibility of crossing genres without any compromise. I feel that here he puts in so many things just because it makes sense. I love that.