Lucrecia Dalt


The sixth album from the Berlin-based experimental Colombian producer, and her debut for RVNG Intl

Lucrecia Dalt used to be a civil geotechnical engineer, and that work has shaped her approach to making music. “Geology, she has said, “is fascinating because it has the power to break the supremacy of hierarchical bodies, to haunt the idea of lineal time.” In structural geology, anticlines are arch-shaped rock formations created by compression of layers: parts that curve upwards as they rise, bring the oldest beads to the surface of the earth. On Anticlines, Dalt practises an esoteric geology of the self enclosed in the body – she crafts zero-gravity high-tension minimal atmospherics, using mostly Clavia Nord Modular, Moogerfooger MuRF and her voice, and inner space becomes an echo chamber for the universe’s indifference.

Dalt’s intimate sound expeditions prompt tectonic shifts and unearth hidden layers. She explores with scientific detachment as perfectly pitched vocals loom, stern and tender, above hypnotic grooves. Dalt’s native Latin rhythms mix with contemporary, minimal synth vignettes and industrial clutter. This is an immersive listen, full of eerie familiarity and suspended body horror; a quasi-mystical sense of oneness gives Anticlines cohesion and a sense of spiritual comfort, and somehow reminds of of the vast indifferent universe as we descend into environmental disaster.

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