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Baker's Dozen

Impossible Syllables: Lucrecia Dalt’s Favourite Albums
Matthew Neale , September 2nd, 2020 08:21

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Lucrecia Dalt speaks to Matthew Neale about her love of jazz, crafting an alter-ego for her new record, and the delimiting forces of language


Renaldo & The Loaf – Songs For Swinging Larvae
I guess this is related to the feeling when you listen to The Residents for the first time, but taking it a little bit further. These records are so crazy, the way they lay out melody – it’s pop, yeah, you can recognise the structures, but it’s so out of this world. In contemporary music, Felix Kubin and James Pants have made music that feels like this, but that’s probably about it, and it’s so wonderful that you have bands and projects that really were dedicated to making music so strange, so leftfield.