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Sarah Davachi Announces New Album, 'Cantus, Descant'
Christian Eede , July 2nd, 2020 14:10

It's the first release on Davachi's own label, Late Music

Sarah Davachi is launching her own label, Late Music, with a new album.

Titled Cantus, Descant, the 80-minute double album sees Davachi using her own vocals on record for the first time on two tracks. Late Music, Davachi's new label, has been set up with the partner labels division of Warp Records, while the album is preceded by lead track 'Stations II'. You can hear that above.

"This album focuses on the organ in its various forms as the central instrument – pipe organ, reed organ, and electric organ," Davachi explains. "There are four different pipe organs featured: a smaller one based on a design from 1479 that I recorded in Amsterdam, and three larger ones that I worked with in Chicago, Vancouver, and Copenhagen. The majority of the album uses the organ in Amsterdam (in the 'Stations I-V' series) as well as a large reed organ I've been composing with privately for a few years in Los Angeles."

She continues: "There's a lot of personal catharsis imbedded in this record, and the two [vocal] songs that I ended up creating actually felt like a really nice foil to the instrumental structures that I'm better known for."

Cantus, Descant follows on from Gathers, a cassette and download release that Davachi put out in May as part of Boomkat Editions' Documenting Sound series.

Late Music will release Cantus, Descant on September 18, 2020.