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Worlds To Walk Into: Darren Hayman's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , May 13th, 2020 08:55

As he releases a beautifully reflective album on the fall-out from a broken love, Darren Hayman takes us through 13 favourite albums, from Miles Davis collaborating with John Coltrane via Cliff Richard, the kids from Fame, Liz Phair, Nic Jones, ELO and The Damned.


The Kids From Fame soundtrack
My dad used to work in London for British Telecom. He used to walk an incredible distance from the nearest train station. It added an hour on to his day in each direction. I think he needed the solitude. At a certain age, my sister and I were allowed to walk and meet him part of the way; we would wait by the bridge that went over the A12. One day my dad arrived holding a 12” record in a brown paper bag. “I bought it for you two.” This was not a regular occurrence. “You've bought a record for us? For both of us? Do we have to share it?” The Kids From Fame managed to unite my entire family. My sister liked Coco and the dancers. I loved Bruno and his synths, but I fancied Danny. I still fancy Danny. I saw him on a reunion programme. He's still gorgeous. I can name all the characters and the actors from the first two series, including guests Janet Jackson and Donny Osmond. It brought all ages and races together. It was the United Nations of pop music. Like the Thompson Twins, it made me question how music was made and put together. How did they all know what to do? Why can I hear drums but not see them? They didn’t show the last four series in the UK. Arseholes.