Wire To Support Toy

March 23rd at London Lexington

Last week we announced most of the details for Drill:London – Wire:March, a series of gigs that The Quietus is curating with Wire – all that info here. Today we can fill in one of the remaining gaps – special guests supporting Toy at the Lexington on March will be… WIRE! This is an additional performance to their headlining set at Heaven on Sunday March 24th, where they’ll be supported by our own East India Youth (tickets here). You can buy tickets for Toy supported by Wire here – but get a shift on, these are going to go in no time at all.

Wire’s Colin Newman told us a little about the reasoning behind the old masters supporting the newer group: "I was recommended the band by Luke Turner from the Quietus. At that point the only thing they had available was the first single ‘Left Myself Behind’, you could download it for free from the Heavenly website. I was playing it in the studio and Malka walked in just as it got to that brilliant minimally layered, but propulsive, end section and said "what’s that!" in a very excited way. Some bands just have it. Obviously rhythmically they are quite different to Wire, Rob is a propulsive drummer but his core beats are different. Toy have the krautrock thing going which in a way is more Githead than Wire. They also have a touch of psychedelia but it’s the marriage between that and the rhythm that makes it deadly. When we were first floating ideas for the Festival Jason (White) suggested we do the thing of Wire supporting a younger band in a small venue so it’s very much a core concept. Toy looked like a good fit on paper and I popped the question after their Heaven show last year. They seemed flattered & excited! We are obviously pleased to have them! What do we look for in new music? Quite a hard question to answer in some ways. You can say something like originality but then hear something that’s not particularly original but done with a lot of passion and be convinced. Then again you can have something that passionate but still awful! I guess I’m looking for that indefinable something…."

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