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Baker's Dozen

Coming Up With The Sunshine: Radio-Ed O'Brien's Favourite Music
Jude Rogers , April 22nd, 2020 08:15

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien marks the release of his solo album as EOB by talking to Jude Rogers about 13 favourite pieces of music, from Led Zep to Talk Talk, a longstanding love of Brazil, and Primal Scream


Miles Davis – In a Silent Way
This reminds me of the time I went through a big Miles Davis phase. Talk about going into different worlds with an artist – he did that every time, from Kind Of Blue and Porgy and Bess onwards, anyway. This album's still the one I return to, from 1969, and the band is phenomenal. You've got Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea on electric piano, Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone, John McLaughlin on guitar. This is truly cosmic music for me, or even music that feels like it's emerging from the cosmos. As it plays, you feel like you're coming up with the sunshine.