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Baker's Dozen

A Baker's Dozen Special! Acid Arab's Guide To MENA Bangers
Jeremy Allen , December 4th, 2019 15:32

Jeremy Allen sits down with Acid Arab for a whirlwind tour through their essential belters from the Middle East and North Africa


Rozzma - 'Asly' (Acid Arab Records)
Guido: Rozzma is a bit like 3Phaz from Cairo in that he’s mixing music but he's not trying to be commercial, he's trying to go in a different direction. He's mixing a wide selection of different music: mahraganat, hardcore, heavy bass and techno. On this EP he released, he really amazed us with all the things he can do. He’s on our own label, Acid Arab Records, a wild EP (‘Donya Fakka’) from Cairo. Check out the five other songs, they're also totally crazy!    Hervé: He's been the sound engineer for a lot of mahraganat artists as well. And everybody knew him as the sound guy and then he began this project as Rozzma without telling anyone for months - we were the only people who knew that Hussein [Sherbini] was Rozzma. But I think now everybody knows it, even in Egypt.