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Baker's Dozen

A Baker's Dozen Special! Acid Arab's Guide To MENA Bangers
Jeremy Allen , December 4th, 2019 15:32

Jeremy Allen sits down with Acid Arab for a whirlwind tour through their essential belters from the Middle East and North Africa


Mavi Güneş 69 'Yafta' (Zel Zele)
Guido: From the UK label Zele Zel, here comes a crazy 7" with a project from the frontman of cult Turkish band Baba Zula . At home with his wife and kids, he created this bizarre and lovable music that we dearly love. This track is different from the other ones in this list, it’s not as clubby. It was also chosen because it has a special relationship with London, and it's a wink of the eye to Debora Ipekel who runs the label. She's from Turkish roots but she lives in London. It's the singer from Baba Zula which is an amazing Turkish band. It was kind of a funny way to close this collection, with Osman Murat Ertel from Baba Zula playing with his wife and kids!   Baba Zula who mix all kinds of music: psychedelic Turkish folk mixed with rock and roll, hard rock and heavy metal. It sounds crazy but they’re like a Turkish Faith No More. They are that good. We finally saw them two or three months ago - we've been waiting a long time - and it was even better than we imagined. A crazy show! If you get the chance to see them then go.