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Baker's Dozen

A Baker's Dozen Special! Acid Arab's Guide To MENA Bangers
Jeremy Allen , December 4th, 2019 15:32

Jeremy Allen sits down with Acid Arab for a whirlwind tour through their essential belters from the Middle East and North Africa


Red Axes & Moscoman - 'Subaru Pesha' (Disco Halal)
Guido: We chose this track because Red Axes and Moscoman are together and we didn’t have to choose one track or the other. We've also played it countless times. This represents vivacity and audacity from the Tel Aviv dance scene. They locked themselves in a studio to record a piece that would soon become an unavoidable and fascinating dance track that speaks to dancers from Berlin to Amman.    They also represent the Tel Aviv scene today, even if Moscoman has now left Tel Aviv. We've discovered that a lot of Israelis are leaving Tel Aviv at the moment; they feel disgusted by the government, the violence, the politics, and they have this desire to go live somewhere else, especially in Berlin and sometimes in Montreal.    Everybody knows Red Axes now, they are big stars, they have released so many EPs in so many different styles, but they have this sound that's kind of rock and electronic at the same time. So good, and obviously we admire them a lot like lots of people do.