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Baker's Dozen

A Baker's Dozen Special! Acid Arab's Guide To MENA Bangers
Jeremy Allen , December 4th, 2019 15:32

Jeremy Allen sits down with Acid Arab for a whirlwind tour through their essential belters from the Middle East and North Africa


Mehmet Aslan - 'Gazel' (Huntleys + Palmers)
Guido: He’s a friend of ours, a Berlin-based DJ and producer from Turkish roots who’s never stopped to amaze us with his releases, whether it’s edits or original music. This is also a rework, like the ‘Ruby’ track. He worked on a Turkish folk song by İbrahim Tatlıses here. He's been doing it for a long time, taking a three-minute track and adding nine minutes of crazy synth. This one became a big underground hit with a lot of DJs playing this song.    It’s just a traditional song and he’s added the percussion, the beats, the bassline, and he’s multilayered the track. In the second part there's a bassline and it’s so good. He has Turkish roots, he grew up in Switzerland and he lives in Berlin. We know a lot about him - he's a really nice guy.