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Baker's Dozen

Roots: Iggor Cavalera Of Sepultura & Petbrick's Favourite LPs
Louise Brown , November 20th, 2019 10:11

Iggor Cavalera guides Louise Brown through the records that shaped his drumming with Sepultura and new work with Petbrick, from AFX to Black Flag and Discharge, Nyege Nyege's Nihiloxica, Devo, New Kingdom, Dr Octagon and more


Control Machete - Mucho Barato
So this is a band from Mexico called Control Machete, they were this super underground hip-hop band from Monterrey and there's a funny story behind this. I got asked to play this rock club in Sao Paolo. It's actually a techno club but on Monday nights they'd have a rock-new-wave-punk night where they'd invite different people to DJ. This was many years ago and one night they invited me saying there's free drinks, play whatever you want. So I went to my house, I picked up a bunch of records, all this Mexican hip-hop that I liked back in the late-'90s and this band was one of my favourites. But then people hated me. The people who booked me had no idea I was into this stuff. They just wanted the guy from Sepultura. They thought I'd play metal all night. I played maybe half-an-hour and then they're like 'Oh God that's enough'. I was having fun. So this was one of the hip-hop bands that I was like really into back then. It's hip-hop but I like the fact that they're they singing in Spanish. I really like when hip-hop bands sing in their original language, it gives this weird edge to it. In metal it doesn't work, but in hip-hop I think it sounds really cool.

I put Control Machete on my list as I think people should check them out. They're not around anymore but it's still sick. They have a bit of a Cypress Hill influence but the lyrics are super-cool because they talk about being Mexican and being mistreated by Americans. I like that side, being proud to be brown. Again we're coming back to that thing, about how 20 years later it's still relevant. You're gonna build a wall? We're here, we're gonna build a tunnel.