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Baker's Dozen

Roots: Iggor Cavalera Of Sepultura & Petbrick's Favourite LPs
Louise Brown , November 20th, 2019 10:11

Iggor Cavalera guides Louise Brown through the records that shaped his drumming with Sepultura and new work with Petbrick, from AFX to Black Flag and Discharge, Nyege Nyege's Nihiloxica, Devo, New Kingdom, Dr Octagon and more


Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo
The best band to ever walk the earth. They're the coolest band ever because they're so weird. I've been a huge fan of Devo forever and they're so cool to the point we covered them with Sepultura. I remember, someone picked Hellhammer, and someone picked Exodus, and I was like 'Can I pick a Devo song?'.

They had brothers in the band, which I can relate to. And they were pushing the limits of music, all the time. Musically I think it was way ahead of its time. And visual identity? It's one of those bands where you look at it and you're like, that's Devo.

It's crazy because it's such a great album, produced by Brian Eno. Funnily enough a few days ago we went to dinner at his studio because he really likes the charity In Place Of War , that Laima and I work with. We got to meet him and it was amazing. He even got Laima's number as he liked this project of all-African musicians called GRRRL that she produced. Man, this is the guy who produced this album.

Everybody who knows me knows that I freak out on Devo. I collect their shirts, the only thing I don't have is an energy dome. I'm so jealous because my best friend, we both went to see Devo one time, and he was standing on the other side of the stage. One of the guys threw his hat and he picked it up, so he has one.