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Baker's Dozen

Roots: Iggor Cavalera Of Sepultura & Petbrick's Favourite LPs
Louise Brown , November 20th, 2019 10:11

Iggor Cavalera guides Louise Brown through the records that shaped his drumming with Sepultura and new work with Petbrick, from AFX to Black Flag and Discharge, Nyege Nyege's Nihiloxica, Devo, New Kingdom, Dr Octagon and more


Deaf Kids - Metaprogramação
…which brings us to Deaf Kids. Deaf Kids are one of those good surprises, especially coming from Brazil. They're open-minded and forward-thinking and musically one of my favourite things right now. They tick all the boxes as far as stuff I like; the percussive drumming, it's insane, and then they add this psychedelic side to it with the vocals and droning guitars, then they add some d-beats.

Metaprogramação is an album that I listen to a lot and I want other people to listen to it. It's like if all twelve of the other records I picked got played at once. And they're such cool people to hang out with. They're coming back to London in a few months to do a gig and Pet Brick are gonna do a split EP with them, just write some music together, which seems so easy. I describe them to friends as Motörhead on acid. Okay Motörhead were already on acid, well more on speed but Deaf Kids, it's more trippy. They're not so aggressive, it's more groovy. Like Motörhead on Ayahuasca.