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Roots: Iggor Cavalera Of Sepultura & Petbrick's Favourite LPs
Louise Brown , November 20th, 2019 10:11

Iggor Cavalera guides Louise Brown through the records that shaped his drumming with Sepultura and new work with Petbrick, from AFX to Black Flag and Discharge, Nyege Nyege's Nihiloxica, Devo, New Kingdom, Dr Octagon and more


New Kingdom - Paradise Don’t Come Cheap
I got into this album through some friends who were really into more of the weird side of hip-hop. That was the cool thing at that time, in the late-90s. I had a few friends who always seemed to like the crazier, underground side of it rather than the mainstream of hip-hop. And then someone gave me this record and I loved it. But I have to say that I don't know much about the band. I mean, it's not one of those things where they got big enough where they had the following of someone like Dr. Octagon or Public Enemy. They were a bit of an obscure thing.

They're almost like another band that I love, the Butthole Surfers. For me they're Butthole Surfers of hip-hop, super weird, psychedelic and again it's such a cool record. This record was super cool at the time it came out and I listen to it all the time, still now so it had to go on my list.