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Baker's Dozen

Daring Is Important: Gudrun Gut's Favourite Albums
Jeremy Allen , September 11th, 2019 08:52

Leading light of the Berlin underground Gudrun Gut guides Jeremy Allen through 13 favourite records - she wanted them all to be Neu! but as there weren't enough, there's the Bad Seeds, Throbbing Gristle, Lana Del Rey and much more. Gudrun Gut portrait by Mv Kummer


Thomas Fehlmann - Gute Luft
Gute Luft means to breathe good air, which is especially appropriate now with climate change… so I thought that was a very good title. I just wanted to have a Thomas Fehlmann album in there; he's done lots of albums and they're all great. This one came out in 2010 and I wanted to get a couple of albums from the last 10 years in as my history is so long.

He’s Swiss composer living in Berlin who’s worked with the Orb and who used to be in Palais Schaumburg and other bands from the 80s, and he does really nice harmonies combined with super danceable grooves. He's a really funky man. He makes very interesting, wonderful music, but Gute Luft isn’t as clubby as some of the other albums and that's why I like it. If it's too techno then I don't like it.