Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

5. ClusterZuckerzeit

I discovered them a little later, and I really thought, ‘Wow, this album is a masterpiece’. The title means "’sugar time’. It’s just nice with that double ‘z’ sound, and Sowiesoso is also a great name, and it’s a great album too. I played with them in Madrid a couple of years ago and we got to hang out with Roedelius and Moebius. They were such wonderful people, and I’m sad that Moebius died because I loved him. The consummate composer and artist, he’s more like an artist’s artist. 

Roedelius is still doing stuff. We’d planned a tour in American a couple of years ago with Hans-Joachim Irmler, Roedelius and Stephen Schneider, but then Roedelius decided he didn’t want to do it as touring in America is pretty stressful. He’s very choosy about the stuff he does. 

Another reason for picking this is that as an artist who lives here in Germany and isn’t in the centre of the world where the music biz is concerned, to see them getting old and doing their stuff is very inspiring. They don’t care about this big business stuff, they just do their thing. They do what they want. And it’s really inspiring for me to see this. Somebody else! They’re not trying to get the best manager or the biggest gigs, they just do what they do. 

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