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Baker's Dozen

Daring Is Important: Gudrun Gut's Favourite Albums
Jeremy Allen , September 11th, 2019 08:52

Leading light of the Berlin underground Gudrun Gut guides Jeremy Allen through 13 favourite records - she wanted them all to be Neu! but as there weren't enough, there's the Bad Seeds, Throbbing Gristle, Lana Del Rey and much more. Gudrun Gut portrait by Mv Kummer


Various Artists - No New York
In Malaria! we had a close connection with New York and played there quite often, and one of the reasons why I first wanted to go to New York was because of this fantastic collection of music that was produced by Brian Eno. And for me it was a milestone, because as I said before, I was bored with the punk thing, and no wave seemed like a better way to go, the same with Throbbing Gristle. They were trying out new things, so I think this is a fantastic record. 

Lydia Lunch is on it, the Contortions too. D.N.A are on it with Arto Lindsay, and Mars as well, and they’re all great. For me, it's one of the most influential records ever. I just recently played with Lidya Lunch in Valencia actually. It was nice to see her but I won't say much about the concert.