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LISTEN: Vessel & Rakhi Singh Collaborate
Christian Eede , March 11th, 2019 14:11

Vessel quickly follows up last year's album with a new 30-minute collaboration with violinist Rakhi Singh

Vessel returned to Tri Angle Records late last year with a new album titled Queen Of Golden Dogs, bringing to an end four years of almost complete production silence after 2014 album Punish, Honey.

Now the producer is wasting no time in moving forward with a further project, teaming up with violinist Rakhi Singh on a new 30-minute musical movement titled 'Written In Fire'. You can hear the first excerpt of the recording above.

The pair met while working on a piece for Immix Ensemble which was released in 2016. They began to write their first collaborative work not long after meeting, having enjoyed feeling out of their respective depths with regards to each other's musical tastes and background.

'Written In Fire' is composed for string quartet and electronics, and has been written as a response to Czech composer Leos Janacek's second string quartet, entitled 'Intimate Letters'. "Rather than write a piece in the style of Janacek, or recontextualise the original work for a modern audience, 'Written in Fire' is a personal reaction to the cascade of feelings the piece provokes," explains a press release.

Vessel and Rakhi Singh will team up to present 'Written In Fire' and other material live through this year also, taking in shows in London, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow. They are also currently working on their second collaboration, a commission for Manchester Collective inspired by Baroque music and John Milton's Paradise Lost.