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Baker's Dozen

"It's Entertainment, You Know?" Trevor Horn's Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , February 5th, 2019 09:57

Producer and innovator Trevor Horn guides Jude Rogers through 13 favourite albums, telling tales of how Kraftwerk led him to breaking the Official Secrets Act and tripping to Yes


Deacon Blue – Rain Town
I loved that record. The way it starts. [Sings] "Born on a storm/where you going to live!!!!" Then the way it goes into the title track. I love it because the whole album puts me in a really good mood. 'Chocolate Girl'! And the one where he talks about looking like Spencer Tracy ['He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now']. In 1988, I was working with Simple Minds, and in Scotland a lot, living in a log cabin by the side of a loch listening to this all the time. The cabin was all wooden cladding, and it came with a big set of kitchen knives. I got very good at throwing kitchen knives and getting them to stick in the wall. Like in the circus!