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Wild Imaginings: DJ Muggs Of Cypress Hill's Favourite LPs
Elizabeth Aubrey , November 7th, 2018 08:40

DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill guides Elizabeth Aubrey through 13 inspirational records, from Wu-Tang Clan to Mobb Deep, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy... and Cypress Hill themselves


Wild Style Breakbeats (Original Soundtrack)
When Wild Style came out, nobody knew about the New York City underground. This record and the film became how you found out about shit that was going on at that time because nobody was really documenting it. This movie became so big and it spread the message of hip hop in a way that hadn't really been done on that scale previously. When you look at the total global domination hip hop culture has now, you can see its roots in this film, in this soundtrack. It was mad fucking powerful.

This film is written so intelligently and the story is so compelling. I like the 'Double Trouble' scene where there is acapella rapping and the scene with 'The Cold Crush Brothers'. The scene in the amphitheatre at night where they're killing it is another incredible moment. The music was just so dope throughout and it undoubtedly paved the way for things like Hamilton.

I saw Hamilton this year and I'm looking around and looking at all these different people – all different ages, races and genders – and I was like here now you can see the real global domination that hip-hop and rap culture has – I saw it at the start with things like Wild Style and I see it now with Hamilton and its some mad fucking shit to see how far it has come. It's like we took over the world.