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Baker's Dozen

The Marshall Suite: Cat Power's Favourite Albums
Diva Harris , November 1st, 2018 10:31

Chan Marshall guides Diva Harris through 13 albums that have soundtracked her life, from stealing cars to heartbreak and escaping difficult times


John Coltrane - Crescent
I was in South Africa, in Cape Town, and I went to a jazz club super late at night. No-one was out, I was in a certain neighbourhood no-one went to. And I saw signs that said ‘Jazz, Women’. Me and my best friend went in, and we were the only white people in the place, we were the only females, we were the youngest people in the room, and the music was fucking incredible.

The players would come off-stage during the breaks and stuff, and hang out. Somebody came by my table, blah blah blah, oh you gotta meet the sax player. So this younger guy, this sax player, came and sat with me, and we became lovers. And he said ‘You’ve never heard Crescent by John Coltrane? This is what you need.’

Again, it’s like going to church whether you want to or not. If you know it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s just beautiful. Beautiful’s the only word I can say.