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Baker's Dozen

The Marshall Suite: Cat Power's Favourite Albums
Diva Harris , November 1st, 2018 10:31

Chan Marshall guides Diva Harris through 13 albums that have soundtracked her life, from stealing cars to heartbreak and escaping difficult times


Joni Mitchell - Blue
I was in my Dad’s record den, I think I was thirteen? And I was getting turned on by all these records, all this blues and jazz stuff. I put the needle down on Blue and I was like OH, gosh, I hate that hippy shit, and I turned it off. I didn’t listen to it properly, I didn’t realise what was going on there. I rejected Joni instantly, but I thought, you know what, I’ll get to it, I know she’s important, and put it in my little pile.

I actually ended up stealing that record by accident when my dad kicked me out. I was 17, on my own, and had to quit high school so I could work. I was working full time to survive.

By the time I was 18 I could relax a little bit 'cus I already got my shit done - I had my apartment, everything was cool. One day, I went through my records, and found it, and was like OH, fuck, I’m gunna play this, and that’s when I discovered Blue. And then it was flip-flop flip-flop flip-flop flip-flop…I played that album probably 258 times that year.