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JAMs Hint At Further Plans With Cryptic Video
Patrick Clarke , August 23rd, 2018 11:56

With the first annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead upon us, it would seem that the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu have something more in store

The first Toxteth Day Of The Dead, photographed by Patrick Clarke

Today (August 23), marks a year since The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, aka The KLF, returned from their self-imposed 23-year exile for their manic three-day Merseyside takeover: Liverpool Welcome To The Dark Ages.

You can read our reports from the scene here, which include Jarvis Cocker performing a deathly ritual, the burning of a home-made wicker man in a skate park, the one and only performance of Badger Kull, and the procession of an ice cream van through Toxteth by 400 ghouls.

In Liverpool, it was announced that The KLF had entered the funeral business, and will be using the cremated remains of their followers to build a giant pyramid. They announced that from then onwards November 23 would be known as 'The Toxteth Day Of The Dead'

To mark the occasion, a new video has been posted at (mumufication referring to the process by which their followers will be cremated and put into a brick) which shows the date 23.11.18, and the message: WHAT TIME IS DEATH?

The brief clip, which you can see here, features the K2 Plant Hire logo that was used for their resurgence, and a slot machine that lands on images of a tyre, a trolley and the insignia of the Toxteth Day Of The Dead.

Tyres and trolleys were among the items that the followers of the JAMs' cult - known as The 400 - were asked to collect for the chaotic parade that ended the Dark Ages.

Further details are as yet unknown, but may soon have some answers.

For further reading, check out our day-by-day report of Liverpool Welcome To The Dark Ages here, novelist Adelle Stripe's in-depth feature on what it all means here, and our guide to The Strange World of the KLF here.