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Baker's Dozen

Feelgood Hits! Wilko Johnson's Favourite Albums
Zoë Howe , August 8th, 2018 10:10

Wilko Johnson speaks to Zoe Howe about surviving cancer and his 13 favourite records, from Bo Diddley and the blues to the Doors, Beatles and Rolling Stones


Tom Waits – The Heart Of Saturday Night
Funnily enough, on the same show that I saw Doug Sahm was this character sitting at a piano, and I remember this girlfriend I had, she'd gone to America and when she'd come back she told me she'd met this guy and I don't know, she'd linked him in her mind with me for some reason, the guy we're talking about is Tom Waits, and the song he sang on this show was 'Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night'. Oh man... wow, what a powerful song. It just says it. I tried to write a poem about this. There was this guy with a piano and this rough song, such a beautiful song, just so moving, and yes it does get to the heart of Saturday night, so there's an album.