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Baker's Dozen

Feelgood Hits! Wilko Johnson's Favourite Albums
Zoë Howe , August 8th, 2018 10:10

Wilko Johnson speaks to Zoe Howe about surviving cancer and his 13 favourite records, from Bo Diddley and the blues to the Doors, Beatles and Rolling Stones


Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland
No words of mine can explain Hendrix. He was an absolute one-off. In fact, he was such a one-off that he really didn't start any kind of trend in music or anything because nobody could play like him! So he stood alone, and he still stands unsurpassed to this day. Just... wow. 'Voodoo Chile' and... (laughs) Well, just an extraordinary thing. Was music influenced by him? I don't think it was. People tried to copy him and set fire to their guitars and stuff like that but... yeah. Hendrix.