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Baker's Dozen

Feelgood Hits! Wilko Johnson's Favourite Albums
Zoë Howe , August 8th, 2018 10:10

Wilko Johnson speaks to Zoe Howe about surviving cancer and his 13 favourite records, from Bo Diddley and the blues to the Doors, Beatles and Rolling Stones


Chuck Berry - One Dozen Berries
There's an album. He made about four albums that were seminal rock 'n' roll masterpieces. He really is the central figure of rock & roll. The songs, his style, his guitar-playing, everything, his influence... I think they were quite right to put 'Johnny B Goode' (from Chuck Berry Is On Top) on the spacecraft which is now heading out towards the stars, you know, Voyager – in case any aliens find it, they put all the stuff on it explaining who we were, you know, a picture of a man and a woman and a couple of mathematical formulae, stuff like that, and they also put in a copy of 'Johnny B Goode', which I think is a good thing to represent the human race.