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Baker's Dozen

These Vibrated Me: Josh T. Pearson's Favourite Music
Nick Hutchings , May 23rd, 2018 09:03

Josh T. Pearson guides Nick Hutchings through the personally sacred songs of his Baker's Dozen, from the Bad Seeds to Gorecki, Spiritualized to MBV and why Texas ranchers were no fan of Morrissey's work ethic


Jerry Lee Lewis - Country Memories
When I stopped listening to progressive music and I was just listening to stuff from the past, this country stuff, it's the voices that really stuck out. Jerry Lee Lewis' voice in particular and some of the stuff that's recently been unearthed because all these old live television things are put up on YouTube so you can see him when he's caught in the middle of his career. The recorded material is super good obviously but some of the live... he's just locked right into it and I don't know anyone else with the male voice who's as specifically caught in the groove, vibrationally.

Jerry Lee Lewis is just full of the fire, he's full of the holy ghost and when he hits the early 40s when the male voice starts vibrating and resonating at the right place, and comes into its character – and as incredible as his piano playing was right out of the gate his voice matches it tit for tat when he gets a little "Middle Age Crazy" (from Country Melodies.) They say it ain't the age, it's the miles and he'd definitely lived it.