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Baker's Dozen

These Vibrated Me: Josh T. Pearson's Favourite Music
Nick Hutchings , May 23rd, 2018 09:03

Josh T. Pearson guides Nick Hutchings through the personally sacred songs of his Baker's Dozen, from the Bad Seeds to Gorecki, Spiritualized to MBV and why Texas ranchers were no fan of Morrissey's work ethic


Dustin O'Halloran – Piano Solos Vol. 2
It's as good as any piano music you'll ever hear. It's kind of like Chopin's Nocturnes meets Satie or something like that – they are really simple and elegant, three or four parts repeated. Tasteful, exactly where each note needs to be. Not the greatest playing but it doesn't need to be, the notes are just pitch perfect compositionally. It's as good as you need. This album really got me through a really difficult time.

I had the pleasure of meeting him early on. His old band Dévics was on Bella Union and we toured Europe together. What a neat honour that the Good Lord allowed me to meet someone who would later go on to put on one of my favourite pieces of music. It's happened a couple of times.

Getting to meet Kevin Shields, I consider him friends, we see each other and hug each other's neck and I got to meet Nick Cave. But, I've never met Willie Nelson and I'm pissed off about it. Peter my manager has met him. He's from Slovakia and he's met Willie Nelson - that pissed me off. I was dropping him off at the airport at Austin, Texas and as I'm leaving him at the kerbside I said "Yo do you want me to come in?" and he says, "No, I'm a man, I can walk in there and get on the plane". I drive off and two mins later I get a pic of him and Willie Nelson and Willie's coming down the escalator and Pete shakes his hand. I should have gone in there! I wrote a hit song recently called 'All My Friends Have Met Willie Nelson, So Why Can't I?'