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46,000 Word Sentence Comes To Resonance
John Doran , April 25th, 2018 11:17

The Sentence by Ali Fruish will be read out in full on the radio this coming May Day

Experimental writer Ali Fruish is taking his 46,000-word-long single sentence piece of writing to the airwaves on May 7 to celebrate the end of a recent book tour.

A piece of predictive near future fiction, written entirely in words of one syllable, The Sentence concerns a drug given to prisoners in the future which slows down time in order to deal with a collapsing prison system, in which time and space are at a premium.

Fruish, who works extensively with adults in the prison system in real life, has found his book - a 'poly-genre text, which is simultaneously a hyper-modern horror, an extremely black comedy, urban social realism, a crime story, a satire, a prose poem and “sink estate science fiction”' - has become something of a cult work... despite not actually having been published yet.

The complete and unabridged dramatic reading was recorded on his recent book tour by Fruish himself along with help from Tommy Calderbank, Cee Smith, Jeff Young, Graham Gavin and Rebecca Hearne, as well as members of the audience.

Intrepid fans of experimental literature and weird fiction should tune into Resonance FM on May 7 at 6pm.