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Rare Mkawju Ensemble Album Set For Reissue
Christian Eede , April 16th, 2018 12:48

The Japanese ensemble, whose work has been changing hands for sizeable amounts on the resale market, included Midori Takada among its ranks

Fresh from the reissue last year of Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass album, WRWTFWW is now set to give the reissue treatment to another pricey, sought after record in her discography.

As part of Mkwaju Ensemble, Takada made two albums, which were released in the early 1980s on Japanese label Better Days. Both albums have gone on to sell for substantial sums on the resale market in recent years. 1981's Ki-Motion is one of those albums and will be reissued in June. It is billed as the starting point in Takada's "exploration of minimalism, African rhythmic tradition and ambient music," having come two years before the release of Through The Looking Glass. The album is heavily reliant on the marimba, played on the record by Takada and Yoji Sadanari.

WRWTFWW will release Ki-Motion on June 22, 2018.