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LISTEN: Sink Ya Teeth
Anna Cafolla , February 1st, 2018 13:22

Premiere of the squelchy banging sing-along-a new single from Norwich’s finest and most fabulous electronic duo

Sink Ya Teeth are a Norwich duo that capture the powerhouse post-punk of Pylon and the Raincoats, packaged with the off-kilter art-pop of early Kitsuné Maison compilations and big Chicago beats - all produced from their living rooms. Their third single, ‘Pushin’’, is streaming above, ahead of the release of their upcoming debut album.

‘Pushin’’ feels urgent with fat, face-screwing bass and razor-edge vocals mastered by Gemma Cullingford and Maria Uzor. It’s darkly funky and danceable, with an earworm of a chorus: “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” The religious references and calls for catharsis lay down the group’s search for a holistic release on the record.

“It’s that evangelical devotion to something that’s probably not good for you, but you find yourself still very much caught up in it,” Maria explains. In ‘Pushin’’, the feelings of light and dark are expelled through movement and song, and the dancefloor is an altar to lay it all out on.

“We’ve been having that conversation about what music means to us,” says Gemma. “We spoke about escapism and transcendence. On this you can transport yourself from one reality to another place, to feel free, expressive.” It’s a track that came together quickly for them both, riffing off a poem and previous lyrics Maria had, over Gemma’s throbbing bassline and synths.

‘Pushin’’ pounds along the deep grooves of Daft Punk (a major influence on both women) and zones in on addiction, including what they describe as “moral addictions”. Says Maria: “People in power at the moment pretend to have these really high moral standards, and this is a comment on that too.”

Sink Ya Teeth champion a passionately DIY spirit, one that runs deep in the Norwich music scene, in thriving local venues like the Arts Centre and Owl Sanctuary. Sink Ya Teeth are in good company too, with vibrant output from local comrades such as Graceland and Bearsuit.

Their debut album will arrive later this year, and it’s about “drinking, partying, dancing - coming from those dark places to find something uplifting and positive outside of the monotony of day-to-day existence,” says Gemma. “Or maybe I’m just talking bollocks!”

On stage, they’re energetic and their set is full-bodied, pulsating and slick. They supported Mary Epworth at a stellar gig last week in Hackney, and there’ll be shows in Bristol and Brighton this March supporting A Certain Ratio.

‘Pushin’’ is out this Friday (February 2) on Buffalo Records.