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Baker's Dozen

Trying Everything On: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's Baker's Dozen
Christian Eede , October 4th, 2017 09:47

With her sixth full-length album set for imminent release, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith takes Christian Eede from influential minimalism by Steve Reich to new age ambience by Midori Takada over the course of her Baker's Dozen


Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds for Baby

This was one of the first albums that when I was discovering what a modular was made me realise that I could create more than just bleeps and bloops with these machines. It was very comforting to me in that way. If I really like a sound in a record that makes me think ‘that is so unusual, how did they do that?’, then I’ll maybe try to peel those layers away and look into how it’s created. Usually, I’ll just try to be a listener first before I do that though.