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Baker's Dozen

Call The Police! - Terry Bickers' Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , September 6th, 2017 15:25

One of 80s indie's defining guitarists talks us through his 13 albums – and risks the ire of purists everywhere by insisting that sometimes compilations are best


Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden
This was introduced to me a few years after it came out - I've always had an interest in what you might call "ambient music". Although this does contain some songs, it is predominantly soundscapes. This album is like a total vibe and journey from start to finish and what I admire about it is how well crafted it is. These are not synthesised stuff that's been created but very meticulously put together, edited and mixed and you can imagine the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into making it.

I've often introduced people to this album over the years and said, "Just listen to this." You start at 'The Rainbow' and it starts off very quiet and small sounding and then by the time you get to the first transition with lots of backwards guitar and everything, everyone's jaw just drops, you know? It's such a unique record, really, especially when you consider their prior work; it's both a total progression and total departure. It's a craftman's album and a very moving record into the bargain.