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Baker's Dozen

Call The Police! - Terry Bickers' Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , September 6th, 2017 15:25

One of 80s indie's defining guitarists talks us through his 13 albums – and risks the ire of purists everywhere by insisting that sometimes compilations are best


Pink Floyd - Animals
It could easily have been the early Barrett stuff or it could have been The Dark Side Of The Moon but this has grown to have a special significance for me. It was an album that was given to me when I was about 12 and I didn't really understand, but like The Clash, I've come to really love and appreciate this record.

I like it because musically it's like sound collages, which are wonderfully crafted. Pink Floyd were very much into getting the best sound on record and live. There's also an amazing development of musical themes here, which go back to the main theme - it works in the same way a symphony does. A track like 'Dogs' goes through so many transitions. David Gilmour is someone who I really respect and his guitar playing has definitely been absorbed.

It's a very bleak album. There is a lot of class politics on their albums and that's often overlooked. They may have been living quite comfortably, they still had that social awareness and it fed through into this album.