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Baker's Dozen

I Ate It All Up In Fast Forward: Ariel Pink's Favourite LPs
Christopher Sanders , August 23rd, 2017 10:20

Ariel Pink shares 13 of his favourite records, taking in albums from Ata Kak, The Shaggs and John Maus amongst others


R. Stevie Moore - Ariel Pink’s Picks Vol. 1
Me and Stevie have a really good relationship. He’s just a music making machine, he doesn’t stop. Anything he does is good. He’s got the magic ears. He’s the line from Elvis and Roy Orbison and The Beatles to the present day. His musical pedigree is the best. His dad was the bassist for Roy Orbison and he grew up with Jim Reeves around. He grew up as the son of the most badass bass player who was playing with all the big hitters. He has the most solid-roots rock pedigree, and he’s an appreciator of music. Him and his dad disagreed about stuff because the British Invasion hadn’t really hit Nashville. They thought British people were weird, funny people. Stevie was beyond that. Not only was he into The Beatles, he was into The Mothers of Invention. The freakiest most degenerate shit ever. Stevie appreciates really freaky shit. With his sounds and development and process of recording, you get a real glimpse into a different era, that’s the magic with him.