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Not-So-Bitter Music: Ali 'Perc' Wells On His Favourite 13 Albums
Tonka Tonka , May 10th, 2017 09:26

We've sent that young rascal Tonka to interview Ali Wells about the albums that made him Perc, from Huey Lewis & The News to Pete Swanson, Aphex, and how Iron Maiden made his kick drum mockery-proof


Polygon Window - Surfing On Sinewaves
I started producing around the time my band split up. I did pretty badly in my GCSE exams, got the train into Cambridge and bought myself a drum machine to cheer myself up. I must have been saving up for it for a while as I didn't have much spare money back then, but I don't remember planning this purchase in advance. Around the same time I began to buy music equipment I started to read magazines such as Sound On Sound and Future Music. Future Music once had a feature on Aphex Twin, who at the time I was unaware of. The mixture of homemade equipment and his nonchalant look poking out from behind his greasy curtains changed my outlook on music instantly. I started with Selected Ambient Works 85-92, but it was Surfing On Sinewaves that really got me hooked. It has more musical range than SAW1 and Quoth was a big influence on me before I'd ever heard any industrial music.