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Not-So-Bitter Music: Ali 'Perc' Wells On His Favourite 13 Albums
Tonka Tonka , May 10th, 2017 09:26

We've sent that young rascal Tonka to interview Ali Wells about the albums that made him Perc, from Huey Lewis & The News to Pete Swanson, Aphex, and how Iron Maiden made his kick drum mockery-proof


Iron Maiden - Live After Death
When I was thirteen, a new boy joined us as we began our final year of middle school, and with him he bought a love of heavy metal. I was attracted to the speed and forward momentum of Iron Maiden, songs like 'Phantom Of The Opera' and 'The Trooper' just seem to gallop forwards with nothing able to stop them. Looking back I can see a similarity between this and the rushing breakbeats of hardcore. Around this time I was I was in a number of bands with school friends, and at points we did not have a drummer so we instead used a very weak sounding Yamaha drum machine which we were laughed at for. Looking back on this, I think this was the key moment in shaping the Perc sound. No one would ever mock me for weak drums again