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Not-So-Bitter Music: Ali 'Perc' Wells On His Favourite 13 Albums
Tonka Tonka , May 10th, 2017 09:26

We've sent that young rascal Tonka to interview Ali Wells about the albums that made him Perc, from Huey Lewis & The News to Pete Swanson, Aphex, and how Iron Maiden made his kick drum mockery-proof


Run DMC - Raising Hell
After a brief time listening only to pop music and buying a few synth pop records by the Human League, Depeche Mode and Harold Faltermeyer, hip hop was the first distinct genre I really dived into. I think it started with Salt N Pepa, but I soon moved on and got stuck into Run DMC and Public Enemy. Raising Hell was one of the first times I had heard really big drums and more aggressive vocal performances. This is often seen as the classic Run DMC album, but I also loved Tougher Than Leather, which a lot of people hated. After that, I dropped off from following them album by album, especially when metal arrived in my life.