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Baker's Dozen

All In It: British Sea Power's Scott Wilkinson On His Favourite LPs
Richard Foster , March 29th, 2017 09:14

Ahead of British Sea Power's soundtracking of Polish animation at the Barbican as part of Kinoteka Film Festival and the release of new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, vocalist Scott Wilkinson guides Richard Foster through his favourite albums, from War Of The Worlds to Mighty Sparrow, Pavement and more. Photo by Mayumi Hirata


Iggy Pop - Soldier
Again for most it'd be The Idiot or Lust For Life. Or American Caesar, where the overall concept is a good idea but for me it's one of the worst ones. I remember listening to that and thinking it being a weird and bad rock record. Maybe I should give it another go. But I think Soldier is better than the brilliant ones. Normally it's his ideas I like, I think. He often collaborates. He needs people to help him realise his ideas. Maybe that's what is so good about him. And his songs are good, because of massive amounts of his weird enthusiasm that he manages to get out of himself. You just get the idea that he goes along and does his best at the time and hopefully that will result in a good record. Sometimes people lose the nerve to do things like that and say "I'd rather think about it later".