Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

8. Julian CopeThe Skellington Chronicles

I believe that he did the whole thing in 48 hours with his mates. It’s a funny one because I’ve picked these albums by memory, the impression they had on me, rather than what I’ve been listening to recently. Lasting impressions. And there’s something very powerful about what he’s doing on that record. There’s absolutely no nonsense.. Well… for him! [Laughs] He’s just picked these songs up and gone off on one! And that’s what I really like. There you go, I’ve finally got something out of this interview because I’ve realised what I really like. You just have to have that little bit of freedom. And you have things like ‘Little Donkey’, this punky attitude. And lots of howling. He’s good at howling, that Julian Cope. Yeah; I like Julian Cope and I like things like ‘Sunspots’ too. And I quite like his later ones with his earth mother vibe. But in terms of grabbing me and making a real impression I think Skellington is the one. Though he should have used the turtle cover on Fried again on Skellington.

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